You may think of acupuncture as needle therapy, but that’s just one very small part of it. The understanding principle of acupuncture is that vital energy, or qi flows along invisible pathways in your body called meridians. When qi is blocked, pain and illness result.

Acupuncture unblock qi by inserting hair-thin needles at specific points on the body. Each illness relates to certain specific acupuncture points that tend to be areas of decreased electrical resistance, which may be part of the scientific basis for acupuncture’s effects. In addition, acupuncture is believed to release certain brain chemicals such as endogenous endorphins that reduce pain and discomfort.

Sa–Am Acupuncture

Conventional acupuncture observes the particularities of a given symptom, and then treats the ailment by affecting the meridian related to the symptom. Sa–Am Acupuncture differs from the conventional approach. Sa–Am Acupuncture treats and observes the patients as a holistic subject, and thus the ailment at the point of its real origin.

Sa–Am Acupuncture has proven that the meridians serve as the path by which the mind manifests its various dispositions. Sa–Am Acupuncture is essentially Mind Acupuncture. In each of the meridians there are sixty meridian conduits in which the particular characteristics of each of the five elements are concentrated.

Sa–Am Acupuncture has gone beyond the limitations of conventional acupuncture and has opened a new horizon of possibilities. (An Invitation to Eastern Medicine by Kim Hong-Kyung)

How much does Acupuncture cost?

Initial consultation with treatment: $60

Subsequent treatment: $50





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